Combat Arena: Clash of Champions Review

In the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000, we read tales of factions engaged in wars spanning star systems. We see painting after painting depicting desperate battles of armies stretching from one horizon to the other, all intent on nothing but the complete destruction of their opponents. Barely a day goes by where, somewhere on this wildly spinning rock we call Earth, thousands of people clear the glass fruit bowl Auntie Margaret gave them aside to take their own armies of plastic tanks, infantry, and murderous magical vulture-eagles with two heads and delicately painted wings out in skirmishes over the dinner table turned warzone. But that’s not the only way battles are fought in the 41st millennium. Sometimes, Trazyn the Infinite, everybody’s favourite Necron archivist turned kleptomaniac, decides to snatch champions from the galaxy and make them clash in a combat arena of his making. And sometimes, that becomes a board game called Combat Arena: Clash of Champions.

The Ronseal of board games.

A 2-4 player game played on a 6×7 hex grid with decks of cards, tokens, and a chart from the makers of Warhammer 40,000, it should come as no surprise to learn that Combat Arena: Clash of Champions includes Citadel miniatures. Four of them, in fact. The Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant and Necron Royal Warden who you may be familiar with from the Indomitus box, Warhammer 40,000 starter sets or indeed Imperium magazine subscription kick off proceedings. In addition to these two stalwarts are two more miniatures which haven’t been quite as widely available; the Plague Champion and Blood Angels Terminator.


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Warhammer Twitch Stream Contrast Showcase Timestamps

Here’s a quick and easy place to store this information so here goes.

If you’re interested in how some of the new Citadel Contrast Colours look over different colours or metallics, here’s a little list of what was showcased on Thursday the 7th of July’s Warhammer TV Twitch Hang Out and Paint session.

Warp-fueled and Wonderful

Kroxigor Scales over White Scar –

Frostheart over White Scar –

Luxion Purple over White scar –

Aeldari Emerald over White Scar –

Striking Scorpion over White Scar –

Imperial Fist over White Scar –

Louise Blending The Everything –

Moot Green/Striking Scorpion Comparison

Lizzie Namarti Thrall Frostheart over Metallics thinned down, skin grey seer briar queen chill thinned highlight blue horror, tassel magmadroth flame nuln oil fire dragon bright, cloak stormfiend teclis blue lothern blue glazed stormfiend, thinned ratling grime over the weapons. 

Tyran blue over Grey Seer –

Berzerker Bloodshade over Runelord Brass and Retributor Armour

Warplightning Alongside Karandras Green

Luxion Purple over Leadbelcher

Screamer Pink with Luxion Purple 1:2 Contrast Medium over it

Iron Warriors over Imperial Fist

Centre shield striking scorpion edge hexwraith flame over metallic

Kroxigor Scales over Leadbelcher

Baal Red over Retributor Armour

Asurman Blue over Grey Knights Steel

Ardcoat mixed with contrast

Striking Scorpion over Grey Knights Steel

Frostheart over Valhallan Blizzard

Imperial Fist done by Aidan

Grey Seer Undercoat – White Scar Zenithal – Imperial Fist – Fuegan Orange Recess Shade – Phalanx Yellow Highlight – Doombull Brown for Chipping 

Asurman Blue over Leadbelcher, Striking Scorpion Green over Leadbelcher, Baal Red over Retributor Armour, Luxion Purple over Leadbelcher

Louise showing off with Striking Scorpion Green, Doomfire Magenta etc

Skink Feather painted Classic vs Contrast

Doomfire Magenta alongside Kroxigor Scales with Aeldari Emerald Glazes

Aeldari Emerald over White

One Layer of Imperial Fist over Corax White 

Three thin glazes of striking scorpion green over Imperial Fist 

Frostheart over Metallic and Thinned Luxion Purple over white 

Glazes of Frostheart over Striking Scorpion Green over Imperial Fist and Magmadroth Flame at the base

Baneblade Variants and You; How do they stack up?

Look at all these Xenos and their pitiful Super Heavy Detachments. Aeldari Wraithknights? They’re mighty impressive and all that but heavy? Nothing with those flowing curves could be heavy. Probably forged from some lightweight, efficient, responsibly sourced materials too. Heretical, if you ask me. Now the Orks, they’ve got something approaching the right idea with Stompas but honestly, not enough guns. When it comes to Super Heavy vehicles, the right money looks no further than the Baneblade family of Astra Militarum tanks. With Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse on its way alongside a fresh rebox of the Baneblade and its Baney or Bladey brothers, there’s never been a better time to stuff a Quake Cannon shell deep into the enemy front lines.

But which is right for your needs? The Shadowsword’s titan-slagging volcano cannon? A rain of bolts from a Stormlord’s Vulkan Mega-Bolter? Perhaps you’re a stickler for the ol’ reliable Baneblade Cannon? Let’s look at what each of the eight Baneblade variants does in Warhammer 40,000, shall we?

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Apocalypse Battalion Boxes: Value, Contents, and Ill Informed Price Speculation

The end is nigh, and what an end it is. Tanks rolling across in immense, fume-belching tidal waves, spitting a hail of shell and super-heated plasma as it crests against fortifications replete with soldiers beyond number giving life and limb to repel the inexorable advance. Mechanised Ork walkers swarm in roving packs as ships larger than cities fracture pummel the ground with enough firepower to tilt tectonic plates. And us? We get to direct the fight decide their fate with nothing more than the roll of the dice. Apocalypse is coming and Games Workshop wants to help us all get involved. How? By selling Apocalypse Battalion box sets, of course.


In all there are ten of these new box sets on the way. How about we take a look at each and see how they match up, their value, and their potential price? Better get started.

NOTE: All of these images were taken from the Warhammer Community article announcing Apocalypse.

BIGGER NOTE: Retailers have confirmed these will sell for £100. So the price speculation at the bottom of this is meaningless.

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